Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a free to play game that is starting to draw in a fair bit of attention from gamers throughout the world
As a highly popular browser based game, Desert Operations has drawn in a lot of attention from the gaming community. It was unveiled in 2008 and has since then drawn in a lot of attention from people throughout the world. The development team has stayed committed to this project, since they continually upload new details to the game. It is free to play, so players should be willing to test it out for themselves going forward. The game is highly competitive, which should draw in a lot of attention from gamers within the community. Desert Operations is an MMO style game, so players will have the chance to create their own character. As they progress through the game itself, they will be able to customize their character gradually. They can add in new attributes and hone their own strategy for how they might proceed. Players will also have the opportunity to collaborate with one another, making for an engaging experience. They will need to compete against other factions for territory and the raw materials that are associated with them. The ultimate goal of the game is nothing less than global domination, which should interest many gamers in these communities. The game has been developed by Black Moon Games, who has been instrumental in customizing certain features along the way. They have enabled players to form large scale alliances, which can actually impact the way that trades are managed. This can even allow a global war to be declared against the opposition, which should prove to be a considerable challenge for most players in the game. Players can join up with communities located around the world, which will undoubtedly draw in a lot of support.